2020 gelernte Tänze

Montags-Gruppe 1: 13.01. Double S (Step Sheet), 17.02. Cabo San Lucas (Step Sheet), 15.06. Gypsy Queen (Step Sheet), 06.07. Gone West (Step Sheet), 27.07. Summer Fly (Step Sheet), 17.08. Se Vuelve Loca (Step Sheet), 07.09. Bring On The Good Times (Step Sheet), 05.10. Little Honky Tonk Bar

Montags-Gruppe 2: 13.01. Double S (Step Sheet), 17.02. Half Past Nothin’ (Step Sheet), 22.06. Gone West (Step Sheet), 20.07. Earthbound (Step Sheet), 25.08. Se Vuelve Loca (Step Sheet), 31.08. Is It Friday Yet? (Step Sheet), 21.09. Eyes Wide Open (Step Sheet), 12.10. Lost In The Shuffle (Step Sheet)

Donnerstag-Gruppe 1: 09.01. Baby Ride Easy (Step Sheet) + Rose Garden (Step Sheet), 30.01. Half Past Nothin’ (Step Sheet), 13.02. Cotton Pickin’ Morning (Step Sheet), 12.03. Walking Backwards (Step Sheet), 04.06. Sweet Sweet Smile (Step Sheet), 18.06. Long Time Ago (Step Sheet), 02.07. Texas Clogger (Step Sheet), 23.07. Disappearing Tail Lights (Step Sheet), 30.07. Drinking With Dolly (Step Sheet), 13.08. Beer For My Horses (Step Sheet), 03.09. Anything For Love (Step Sheet), 10.09. Love Ain’t (Step Sheet), 17.09. Come Dance With Me (Step Sheet), 08.10. Down On Your Uppers (Step Sheet), 15.10. Chasing Down A Good Time (Step Sheet), 22.10. Closer (Step Sheet), 10.12. Easy Twist (Step Sheet)

Donnerstag-Gruppe 2: 09.01. Rose Garden (Step Sheet), 16.01. Double S (Step Sheet), 30.01. Half Past Nothin’ (Step Sheet) + Tornado (Step Sheet), 13.02. Celtic Kittens (Step Sheet), 12.03. Playboys (Step Sheet), 04.06. Sweet Sweet Smile (Step Sheet), 18.06. Long Time Ago (Step Sheet) + Mean (Step Sheet), 16.07. The Grass Between My Toes (Step Sheet), 13.08. Drinking With Dolly (Step Sheet), 03.09. Love Ain’t (Step Sheet), 01.10.  Cheyenne Rock (Step Sheet), 08.10. Down On Your Uppers (Step Sheet), 15.10. Walking Away (Step Sheet) + Hold (Step Sheet), 22.10. Where We’ve Been (Step Sheet), 10.12 Easy Twist (Step Sheet)